Beautiful Places in Lucknow that Must be on Your Bucket List

If you are looking for the perfect, comfortable, fun filled, gastronomically satisfying, historic holiday in India, then Lucknow is the perfect destination for you; the city has everything – from tasty chicken, to intricate chikan, from exquisite bangles to perfect kurtas, from ramparts of forts in old Lucknow to Tunday kababs in kapurthala and exquisite kulfis for children.

This sprawling North-Indian metropolis is a treat for residents and tourists alike, especially the latter. What adds supremely to the experience is …

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5 Tips on Planning a Family Vacation

Vacation with family is one way that we can do to strengthen the relationship between family members. There will be a liquid and relaxed yet familiar atmosphere in a family trip.


Vacation with family is a little different from a holiday with friends. If with a friend we can behave silly and crazy whatsoever, with our family usually tend to be more controlled. Is not it?

Planning a vacation with family is not an easy matter because every member …

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6 Things to Look Before Buying Tickets Promo

One of the most complicated issues for traveling fans is the budget that often does not exist. Though the intention already exists. That’s why promo tickets are still the most sought after by travelers, especially backpackers.


Getting a ticket (Airplane) with a cheap price means we will save budget traveling is quite significant.

However, please note that promo tickets are not always really cheap. There are a few things we should look at before deciding to buy a …

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Aufregende Punkte auf der ganzen Welt

Ein Land zu besuchen, dessen Geschichte so alt ist wie die Zivilisation, ist für jeden Reisenden unwiderstehlich. Die Vorteile, eine andere Kultur zu erleben und neue Menschen kennenzulernen, sind eine unbezahlbare Erfahrung. Jedes Mal, wenn die Gelegenheit präsentiert wird. Die Möglichkeit, Dokumente für eine Reise in ein wunderschönes Land zu beantragen, öffnet die Tür zu Aufregung, Staunen und unvergesslichen Erinnerungen.

Arten von Visa

Touristenvisum (160 USD) für Touristen

Transit – Dies ist ein 72-Stunden-Dokument, das bei Reisen durch das Land …

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