How To Get Your Bike Ready for Spring and Summer

If you live in a cool climate, your bicycle has probably sat dormant all winter. Whether you ride for transportation or exercise, your bike probably needs some upkeep after remaining undisturbed for so long during the colder months. You should perform a quick once-over to determine whether it needs more extensive bike repair Bethlehem. Here are some specific areas in which to check for issues.

1. Chain

It is important that your chain be neither too tight nor too loose. You may be able to take the slack out of the chain by loosening the rear wheel nuts and pulling the rear wheel backwards. However, you may eventually need to replace the chain altogether because it can stretch out over time.

2. Tires

Maintaining the tire pressure at the manufacturer’s recommended level is crucial to prevent further damage. After your bike has been sitting for a while, you will need to check and probably refill the tires because they tend to lose air pressure during long periods of disuse.

3. Brakes

Functional brakes are one the most fundamental features involved in preventing a bicycle accident. Therefore, before you attempt to ride again, you should give them a thorough inspection. This means checking the brake pads to ensure they are not too worn down or loose. It also involves checking the brake levers and cables.

4. Seat

Your bicycle seat needs to be replaced if the cover is worn to the point that it exposes the springs. It is also necessary to adjust your seat to the proper height and make sure it is securely tightened. Besides being uncomfortable, a loose bike seat is potentially dangerous. The same principle holds true if you have a child carrier attached to your bike.

In addition to performing these maintenance tasks, your bike may still have dirt and mud from last season. You can hose off your bike to wash it.…