While many of us want to run with our own interpretations of the constitution, specifically the second amendment, the states have done that for us. Each state has developed laws for gun ownership based on court cases, legislative bills and their own interpretation of the constitution. Concealed carry has become a popular option for many gun owners. Using the right tactics while wearing the proper clothing can have a huge impact on the speed and quality of a concealed draw. Here are some facts most people aren’t aware of when it comes to concealed carry.

1. Clothing Is as Important as Placement

Printing, where your gun shows through your clothing, is a big no-no for concealed carry enthusiasts. For obvious reasons, having your gun showing as it presses against your clothes really does defeat the purpose. Your optimal concealed carry clothing will have looser-fitting pants, maybe something one size wider in the waist. For shirts, the bottom seam needs to drop freely so it doesn’t wrap tight against your waistline. A polo or button-down shirt that can go untucked might be the best fit.

2. Shooting Warning Shots Is Worse Than Doing Nothing

Our good-natured side wants to believe that firing a warning shot to try and get attackers to flee is an innocent and forgivable move on our part. Each state has laws against discharging weapons within certain areas for any reason. Also, you could be charged with attempted manslaughter for firing a bullet in the general direction of people. It may be best to shout or carry an airhorn, leaving the gun for your last option.

3. Your Car Is Not an Extension of Your Home

Unfortunately, many people push the incorrect notion that your car is an extension of your home. None of the states in America say this phrase or anything like it in their laws. It certainly doesn’t hold up. For the most accurate information regarding your rights while driving, read your state’s laws regarding traffic rules and rules governing police traffic stops.