Planning a beach vacation can be exciting – and a little overwhelming. For some people, by the time the vacation comes around, they’re so worn out from planning that they don’t even want to pack. While the following tips won’t solve everything, they can help make the entire process a bit simpler.

Start Planning Early

The earlier you start planning, the longer you have to prepare. Instead of having to rush all of your to-dos into a few weeks or a couple of months, try spreading them out over a longer period of time. This will keep some of the overwhelm at bay.

Consider a Condo or Rental Home

Hotels can be handy, but having a condo or a house at your disposal can make things much easier. You don’t have to worry about planning so many meals out. Instead, you can choose to cook or just grab some microwavable and quick items at the grocery store.

Most condos and homes also provide a washer and dryer. This means you can pack, purchase, and lug around fewer clothing items.

Take Advantage of Beach Rentals

You can also choose to skip hunting down, purchasing, and packing many beach items. Instead, with places like Dante’s Beach Rentals, you can rent things like surfboards, umbrellas, beach wagons, lounge chairs, boogie boards, and more. They’ll deliver and pick up the items, leaving nothing for you to do except enjoy them.

Don’t wear yourself out so much that you can’t even enjoy your trip. Tips like the ones here can help ease your burden so your vacation can actually feel like a vacation.