4 Reasons To Rush Out and Get a Water Feature

Homeowners looking to make a splash with their lawn often turn to installing a water feature. From ponds to fountains to waterfalls, these displays add a touch of movement, sound and texture. Here are several reasons why water features have created a ripple among home improvement enthusiasts.


Although pools, decks and other popular additions may be too large for small lawns, water features can be designed to fit a property of any size. These aquatic elements also provide a perfect escape for yards with awkward or ill-designed areas. That seldom-used patch of property will quickly become the most popular spot on your lawn with the right feature.


Water has a calming effect on people. Watching crashing waves or rippling streams provides a feeling of inner peace and tranquility. Many people find relaxing beside a water feature to be a great way to reduce stress or anxiety, and others incorporate moving water in meditation practices.


While pool upkeep will take a significant chunk of your time, ponds and water features are mostly effort-free. Recirculating water reduces the risk of bacteria, and landscaping elements can further keep the area clean. Algae blooms are curtailed through the use of aquatic plants like coontail. Water lilies bring beauty and color to your display while also absorbing excess nutrients. A little reading on aquatic weed control will help you avoid invasive and harmful plant species.


Water features are a quick and easy way to increase a property’s curb appeal. Moving water invites individuals to take a closer look at a property. When paired with a well-maintained lawn, water features help drive a home’s value upward, and many displays won’t even break the bank. While complex or expansive elements may come with a hefty price tag, several soothing models are available to suit even the most modest budget.

Nothing makes a property stand out like adding a splash of water. If you find your yard yearning for something extra, consider incorporating a new water feature.