To assist travelers and administrators when making business travel arrangements, RIT has established relationships with three travel companies. See how I helped real readers plan, save and go on the trip of a lifetime. Enter your e mail to see how I helped real readers plan, save, and go on the trip of a life time. It’s something I would positively do again, but I totally hear ya on booking your individual accommodation and flights for normal” trips!\n\nI like planning & booking trips myself, but I still use agents often. I fully agree that using agents is means easier, if you’re traveling in groups, but for 2-4 folks there isn’t any need to use them. For example, I did a translation for a French tours website (France Just For You) just lately, and I realized that they offer an incredible service.\n\nI believe the proper agent may be really helpful by way of finding good accommodation (eg. So I positively agree that agents can still be useful, as long as they provide the proper expertise and value for money. As a travel agent, I have to let you know this is horrible advice and we do much MUCH more than you realize… and we are rather more priceless than only being useful to guide an expensive trip.\n\nAnother example of a purpose to use an agent.. id say about 90% of travelers dont know (even experienced travelers) the passport requirement of 6 months validity.. your passport must be valid for no less than 6 months AFTER your return. Not only are you getting a free vacation along with free advice and data.. you might be helping assist a neighborhood family.\n\nAs someone who runs a travel agency, I have to admit that your publish may be very true. Our price has gone down over time as the digital era takes charge. Nonetheless, we still get people who, as you place it, don’t wish to battle with planning a safari/trip. Folks traveling in groups are also massive on using travel agents.