Airfare That means in the Cambridge English Dictionary Cambridge dictionaries brand. The only slight concern I had was a double charge on my credit card during my first week of purchase, nonetheless on their website it acknowledged that this will likely occur but it’s going to go away, and within a number of days it did. I will more than likely not use their companies again just because of the utter paranoia I had throughout the whole process, but if you do not change your dates, stay up to date on your ticket status, you ought to be okay, there may be hope!\n\nDO NOT use these guys no matter what the fee savings. We had a couple of family adjustments come up and had been absolutely raked over with fees, expenses and adjustments in value. I had a canceled flight and insisted that I still go to the airport to deal instantly with the airline desk, despite the airline telling me on the cellphone that I will need to have my travel agent (aka ) take care of them instantly.\n\nI obtained there, the flight was indeed canceled, I missed my vacation and had the audacity to make me spend 3 weeks getting any type of refund for the canceled flight. This company engages in gentle money laundering, significantly. I bought a global ticket by way of kayak, which led to them.\n\nThe ticket was about $1,000 (base fare of $900/fees & taxes a hundred). I started noticing a large number of transactions on my account over the following few days. Fist one was $850 and second $182, two separate transactions. Such a coincidence that the flight prices had dropped to those precise rates as the days went by. They had been using my $1,000 to buy CHEAPER tickets and then give themselves a LARGER commission.\n\nAnd then repeatedly refunding/charging me every time they’d find cheaper tickets. I bought my ticket on the contingency of a base fare of $900. After all the agents on the cellphone can’t explain anything as this company is literally outsourcing folks in India for $2/hour to answer the phones.