Solar power is an alternative energy, and its use through solar panels is now becoming a trend. Solar panels are a technology in the future by maximizing sunlight as a source of electrical energy at home.

There are many benefits that can be obtained by applying solar panels, the most noticeable being energy savings and eliminating dependence on fossil energy.

In a few years, the coal will run out and cannot be renewed, so like it or not, people have to look for alternative energy that is abundant and will not run out like solar energy.

Well, on this occasion we will discuss what solar panels are and their benefits, let’s see!

What are Solar Panels?

Before we discuss what are the advantages of using solar panels, it’s good to know what solar panels are from community solar.

A solar panel is a collection of solar cells arranged in such a way as to be effective in absorbing sunlight.

In the solar cell itself has various components such as photovoltaic or components that can convert into electricity.

What are the Functions of Solar Panels?

Power plants

Solar panels have a function as a power generator, which is usually installed on the roof of a building or on the ground.

There are two ways or methods that can be done to generate solar electricity. The first uses photovoltaic technology and the second by concentrating solar energy.

Through the working principle of photovoltaic , solar panels are able to convert light into electricity directly with an effect called photoelectricity.

Meanwhile, concentrating solar energy generally uses lenses or mirrors that have been combined with a tracking system.

The goal is that the solar energy can be at one point so that the energy is able to drive a heat engine or heat.

Water pump

If all this time you thought that solar panels could only be applied as electricity generators in buildings, it turns out that solar panels can also be applied to electrify water pumps.

The use of solar panels can be used as a driving force for water pumps whose electricity source comes from sunlight.

This method is usually used in rural areas and is difficult to reach by electricity. Interesting right?

Advantages of Using Solar Panels


What are the advantages of using solar panels? The first advantage is that solar panels are multifunctional. In a sense, solar panels are not only used as a producer of electricity, but can also be used as a heat generator or commonly referred to as solar thermal.

Solar thermal on a small scale is commonly used for homes. In general, this tool is widely used as a room heater, a water heater to a swimming pool water heater.

Minimal Maintenance Cost

Solar panel maintenance is uncomplicated and not overwhelming. The maintenance method is very easy, you just need to clean it regularly every month by cleaning the surface of the solar panel with a special solar panel cleaner and make sure there is no dust attached.

If cared for and cleaned properly, the solar panel device will still function properly. Maintenance is not done routinely, making solar panels will be short-lived.

In general, solar panels have a service life of up to tens of years. However, if not maintained, the service life can be much shorter, which is less than 25 years.

Electricity Bills Become More Efficient

The next most noticeable advantage of using solar panels is that you can save on electricity bills.

With solar panels, you no longer have to worry about electricity costs that are increasing at the end of each month. That’s because solar panels can produce their own energy by converting sunlight and then converting it into electrical energy.

By using solar panels, you will not have a dependence on electricity from PLN because you already get electrical energy from direct sunlight.

Suitable for All Climates

Solar panels are perfect for all climates. You don’t have to live in a country with a desert to get the most out of the sun.

In fact, even in tropical countries like Indonesia, you can still get the maximum energy from sunlight.

Have a backup of electricity even though there is no sunlight

During this time, many people still think that energy from solar panels can only be used during the day and the weather is hot. Though electrical energy generated from sunlight can also be used at night.

That’s because the electrical power is already stored in the battery, so you can use it whenever you want.

Interestingly, even when the power goes out, your building will still be electrified because it doesn’t depend on PLN electricity.

But keep in mind that, this only applies if there is a backup battery installed in your building.

More Environmentally Friendly

By using solar panels, you will indirectly contribute positively to the environment. Because solar panels are an environmentally friendly technology.

It is undeniable that the earth’s temperature continues to increase and global warming is inevitable.

Switching to using solar panels can be the right step to save the earth.

What’s more, Indonesia still has a dependence on PLN’s electrical energy that comes from burning coal.

Well, this burning is what makes the energy unfriendly to the environment because it can cause pollution and make the earth’s temperature hotter.