To assist travelers and administrators when making business travel arrangements, RIT has established relationships with three travel companies. All those sites have made it simple for us travelers to cut out the travel agent and plan our own trips by booking instantly with airlines and motels (or, nowadays, with locals — thanks, Airbnb, Vayable, and EatWith!). There are also so many deal websites out there helping us find low-cost airfares and resort rates — and travel blogs telling us what to see and do — that it makes little sense in your average client to go to a travel agent anymore.\n\nRyan concurs: The direct-to-client websites minimize down the time it took to plan a trip from hours or days to minutes. Travel agents are useful when you’re doing a very expensive or advanced trip, planning a honeymoon or something fancy, or traveling with a large group.\n\nAlicia Saba from The Splendid Traveler echoes this: Travel agents are still used for skilled steering, customized travels, and to avoid wasting time. As Cheryl Oddo from Carefree Vacations says, Folks want firsthand data and experience, the inside observe on getting essentially the most out of their vacation, making it memorable and inexpensive.\n\nAgents turn out to be useful when buying in bulk, as a result of they usually have access to deals (this applies to airline tickets too). The highly specialized nature of travel agents makes them great for these kinds of trips too. Travel agents have relationships with cruise traces and access to deals we everyday customers don’t.\n\nDoug Parker from Cruise Radio advises that you just start with a travel agent, as they have relationships with the cruise firms and might usually get better rates and last-minute deals. Travel agents usually can find much lower prices and can even act as liaison to cruise firms when something goes mistaken.