United uses cookies to personalize and improve your website experience, including focusing on advertising. Scammers and malware purveyors are at all times on the lookout for ways to entice online users into following internet links that can lead those victims into the traps set for them, and presents of free airline tickets are prime bait in that pursuit of prey.\n\nAirline tickets are something practically everyone uses and have considerable value, but their non-material nature and the fact that they don’t seem to be tremendously expensive (compared to, say, a new automobile) makes it seem plausible to the public that they’re something a business would possibly really be gifting away at no cost as part of an advertising promotion.\n\nThe primary kind of free ticket fraud is the sweepstakes scam,” which is intended to lure victims into completing numerous surveys, disclosing a good deal of personal data, and then agreeing to enroll in expensive, tough-to-cancel Reward Presents” hidden in the fantastic print.\n\nThese internet pages (which are not operated or sponsored by the airlines they reference) usually ask the unwary to click what seem like Facebook share” buttons and publish comments to the scammer’s web site (which is mostly a ruse to dupe users into spreading the scam by sharing it with all of their Facebook associates).\n\nIn those versions of the scam, those who attempt to achieve the URL supplied for the purpose of claiming the free tickets are as a substitute victimized by a Facebook lifejacking ” attack, a malicious script that takes over a person’s Facebook profile without their data and propagates itself to their associates’ accounts as nicely.