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What Profile Picture to Post in Online Dating Sites

Profile pictures should follow these simple guidelines if you want to get more out of your online dating. You need to have at least three photos, the face shot, a body shot, and one other shot for variety. If someone wants to know if he/she is attracted to you or not, these three photos can help him/her answer that question.

You should also put photos where you are in different situations and environments. By looking at these photos, they will at least know something about you. Avoid showing only your face but also your body, even if you are fat. If you are on a dating site, then this means people who are interested to meet you will soon see the reality. So don’t waste your time or somebody else’s.

You need to choose recent photographs. If there is anything different about you from your last photograph, then be sure to update it to what you look like now. There is nothing worse than going on a date and the person is not the same as the one on the photograph.

Don’t put a picture with your kids on it. Let the other know you before they get to know anything about your kids. IT can be endangering to your kids if you post their photos on this site. Be aware that not all people online have good intentions.

Don’t also post your pictures with your friends for your profile picture. They will not know who you are in the group. The other person might get interested in another person in the picture who looks better than you. Don ‘t end up being the middle person for someone and you friend.

Your profile pic should not be dark or unclear. If people cannot see your face, then they would lose interest. You are just wasting your time and other people’s time. Put a better profile picture.

If possible, your profile picture should be a headshot. Make sure you get you pic close to the camera. It is your face people want to see. Don’t use picture where your face cannot be seen well. Have at least one photograph where people can get a good view of your face. Make sure that you show a good portion of your face.

For an online dating site, pictures with you wearing sunglasses are not really cool. Don’t hide your face with the sunglasses. You may look cool but people want to see your face.

Putting fake pictures is a no-no. Fake pictures will make it impossible for you to meet people. If you want the other to like you, then you need to have a great personality and a nice face too.

The first thing that people check out in online dating sites is if they are attracted to you. When people are attracted to someone, they might not even read the profile. It is like removing a hurdle for someone to know you if you follow the tips above.

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