Water filtration systems have a whole host of benefits, from improving the pH, safety and purity of your water to removing contaminants and bacteria that can affect the taste and smell. Maintaining the system and keeping it clean, however, is a task that can sometimes slip through the cracks. Whether you need a smoke pump tester or just new salt, upkeep is essential to proper functioning. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to make sure your water filtration system is well maintained.

1. Start a Weekly Cleaning

If you let grime build up over time, it can snowball into not only more of a health hazard for anyone who consumes the water filtered through the system, but into a bigger cleaning hassle as well. Instead of spending a huge chunk of time once in a while on cleaning, try breaking it up into smaller weekly cleans. Sanitize all the elements, including the water dispenser and cap assembly. Avoid using harsh cleansers, though, since you don’t want to accidentally turn your water toxic.

2. Check the Salt

While the water softener brine tank doesn’t need to be refilled every week – once every two months or so should be adequate – you should still check it regularly just in case. If you open the lid and the water level is low, you should go ahead and refill the tank with more salt.

3. Look for Warning Signs

Finally, there are small signs in everyday usage that can indicate something’s off with your water system. For instance, if hand soap won’t lather properly, the water suddenly has a different taste or your laundry is coming out stiff, it’s time for a thorough maintenance check.

While water filtrations systems are hugely helpful for keeping water clean and pure, keeping the system itself clean can seem like a daunting chore. Thankfully, there are a few straightforward ways to simplify the maintenance process. Try these tips and you can look forward to enjoying great-tasting, clean water for years to come.