The emblem is changing, but the Travel Agency Interface remains the same! Find travel agency discount rates and special access to the Sixt travel agent booking software. Travel companies are using digital training tools to achieve the new technology of agents. More priceless could possibly be back-end innovations that make life for agents more fun than figuring out dated laptop techniques.\n\nTravel companies face many systemic threats by way of continuing to grow their businesses. The empowering of travelers with online booking sites, and the slew of destination data obtainable online by way of sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp, have led companies to suppose more strongly about tips on how to stay relevant to their purchasers.\n\nResearch indicates more travelers are using agents than a number of years ago. MMGY World’s latest Portrait of the American Traveler survey showed that 19 p.c of travelers used an agent in 2016, up from 13 p.c in 2013. Most notably, plainly older agency homeowners wish to sell their businesses before another downturn , as a substitute of investing in a younger workforce with a watch on the long run.\n\nFor larger companies and consortia, part of the challenge is solely taking note of how the landscape of client travel booking has shifted- and will continue to shift. If you concentrate on the function of the travel agent, it’s actually not changing into simple and we need to stay ahead of those adjustments,” mentioned Suri.\n\nIt is not just about recruiting someone who knows these expertise developments, we’ve some agents who have been around for 20 years but they are adapting very nicely. Suri says the new back-end expertise being developed by companies is great for younger agents, who won’t should be taught the arcane intricacies of world distribution techniques.