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When you have started a family, and you have young kids around the house, you should start to raise them in such a way that you install as much discipline and other important traits as possible because that is what will guide them as they grow up to become responsible members of the community who can help to provide a lot of positive influence to their friends. Allowing your kids to grow up in a controlled environment where they have to follow your instructions and watch their actions enables them to be responsible grownups who know what is required of them and how to handle different situations and they can, therefore, provide important leadership and direction to the other members of the community. There are some good tips that you should adopt as a caring parent who wants to raise your kids to be good people when they become bigger.

One method that you should embrace is to watch your kid carefully as he grows up to be certain that you notice the slightest changes in behavior that can be of bad influence to her and then you can know how to take care of such characteristics before they become serious and affect her negatively, or encourage them if they are positive traits that can help her become better.

The second thing that you can do as a parent is to have some rules that you have set and ask your kids to follow them strictly if they are to live well in your house and they can be enforced by having some modes of punishment also put in place depending on how much the kids have violated your rules so that they do not do stupid things and walk away freely. Find a way to enforce your rules by punishing the child whenever he does something you warned against so that he does not look at the rules as just empty threats that can be ignored because this will help you to establish a sense of responsibility in the child so that he works hard to avoid breaking the rules you have set for him.

Another important tip that you can always use is by making sure that you can use is to make sure that you are always available to congratulate your child when he does something that is positive and you can do that by purchasing something that he loves such as a playing toy or treat him to a great holiday experience that he knows is a way of showing your happiness with what he did.
The last thing that can be done is to allow the child to go out there and play games or do other exercise activities that is good for physical and mental strength.

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