Beautiful Places in Lucknow that Must be on Your Bucket List

If you are looking for the perfect, comfortable, fun filled, gastronomically satisfying, historic holiday in India, then Lucknow is the perfect destination for you; the city has everything – from tasty chicken, to intricate chikan, from exquisite bangles to perfect kurtas, from ramparts of forts in old Lucknow to Tunday kababs in kapurthala and exquisite kulfis for children.

This sprawling North-Indian metropolis is a treat for residents and tourists alike, especially the latter. What adds supremely to the experience is the great hospitality provided by the best hotels in Lucknow. From dharmshalas to five star hotels, and everything in between, the medieval metropolis has it all.

This place has been famous since the last half century as a popular destination for, all kinds of tourists, of all hues, from different areas, with different purposes. Not only the city, but the people here that is the residents of Lucknow city or the Nawabi City too are, helpful, understanding, and provide the tourist coming here, with a whole different experience. To provide probably the best experience in the state, the city has something special in the markets for the ladies, food and history for men and children.

The whole family stays happy and that makes not only the exploration but the stay too an unforgettable experience, and a pretty remarkable one at that too. Imbued with utmost respect, not only in words, but in manner also, the hospitality one receives here at the best hotels in Lucknow is another interesting experience.

Here’s a short list of beautiful Places in Lucknow that must be on your bucket list –

 Monuments here offer the tourist with a beautiful sightseeing experience as they act as a visual treat. The buildings and sites in the older parts, the crowded mohallahs, have a lot more than just the touch of Mughal architecture; it actually reflects a perfect balance of both the traditional Hindu elements of architecture and Mughal designs. However, if we look at the fringes of the gorging metropolis, new buildings with western structural design can be seen.

  • The most striking, architecturally impressive edifice is currently the La Martieniere College, formerly known as the Constantia House. The architecture here is broadly Italian with Arabic origins.
  • The modern day marvels of the city include the Dr. Ambedkar Park and the Lucknow Museum while the former is spread across an area of 107 Acres, the Gomti Nagar Park entirely made out of Red Sand Stone and the well maintained lawns, various columns, etc give the park an authentic feel.
  • Another interesting tourist hotspot of Lucknow is famously known as the Turkish Gate ‘the Rumi Darvaza. It was built during the time of Asfa Ud-Doula in the year 1784. A great specimen of Awadhi Architecture, the Monument’s opulence is comparable to modern days Istanbul based gateways. It acts as the entrance to old Lucknow.
  • Another example of opulent architecture is the ‘Chhatar Manzil’ (Umbrella Palace). It was the residence of the Nawab’s of Awadh and was of great significance during the first battle of Independence. Re-built on the lines of vintage Victorean Architecture the Chhatar Manzil is one which leaves a memory. Originally created by the Moghuls, destructed by the Nawabs and recreated in 1962, named in the memory of former begum of Awadh Hazrat Mahal, the park was finished in the year 1962. It contains a marble memorial bearing, the coat of arms of the Awadh Royal Family. This sit has become a major attraction during Hindu festivals Holi, Diwali and Dussera.
  • Some of the other important places are – the bada Imam bara, the chhota Imam bara both built in the late 18th century and both with their peculiar characteristics be it the ‘bhulbhulia’ in the former or unfinished four floor ‘observatory’ at the latter.
  • A very important building in the modern history at Lucknow is the British Residency, regarded as a National Monument and a major part of the 1857 rebellion. The structure in its battle-hit state with bullets grazed over walls and relics of destruction attract large crowds.

Not only are these sites act as visual treats, the city is a home to some the best hotels in the State. These hotels make sure that the tourist can enjoy a pleasant and comfortable vacation in their city. So, if you are planning to visit a historical place with your family, then you can plan a trip to Lucknow where your kids can enjoy and learn something relevant at the same time.

Therefore, the next time you get a chance to visit Lucknow, you must add these on your bucket list – The Chhatr Manzil, The Rumi Darwaza, The Bada And The Chota Imamabada, The La Martinere College, The ‘Chikan’ In Kapurthala And The Chicken In Gomti Nagar and don’t worry about your stay because the best hotels in Lucknow will take care of that.