A wedding involves countless sleepless nights of planning. We want that one day to be perfect. We plan out on our dress, the catering, the decorations, the invitees and the list is never-ending. Planning for a honeymoon is also a significant part of a wedding. A wedding plan seems to be complete only after the honeymoon is complete. In fact, this part of your new journey together must be perfect too.

Many couples plan their honeymoon destination well in advance. But some of them are too confused to decide on a place to go. Are you confused where to go in India? Here are a few handpicked couple friendly destinations.


Andaman is always on the top of the list of the best honeymoon destinations. This is a beach paradise of India. If you love beaches and the sunset, this is the most happening place for you. There are many romantic things you could do. You can have a candlelight dinner under the stars or explore the vibrant marine life of Andaman together. You can just sit by the beach with your spouse and enjoy the sunset.


Kashmir is the Switzerland of India. It is the most suitable place for honeymooners. There cannot be anything more romantic than enjoying the snow-clad mountains, the enticing wildflowers,  the mesmerising dal lake and the fresh air brushing your face, with your better half. You can sail by the Dal lake with your beloved or walk by the strawberry valley in Gulmarg or gift some wildflowers to your better half.


The pink city of India can promise you the most memorable honeymoon. The shimmering lakes, the iconic palaces, and the spectacular museums make Udaipur, one of the most suitable places for honeymoon in India. When you are in Udaipur, you almost feel like you are the king and the Queen. Udaipur can be the best place for post-wedding photography. You can enjoy the beauty of Udaipur from the many rooftop restaurants of the city. You can watch the sunset by taking the sunset lake cruise.


Goa is always a favourite destination for all kinds of people. It is an ideal place for a trip with friends, couples, even families. You can just book your Bangalore to Goa flights right away. Bangalore to Goa flights booked online provide unbelievable honeymoon packages too. Goa has many things that will ensure that you fall in love again and again. You can always grab some beers and chill out on the shack with your partner. If you love dancing, Goa has innumerable clubs to dance your night away. You can even enjoy the marvellous Portuguese architecture.


This is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India. If you and your spouse  love  snow clad mountains, adventure sports, the majestic Buddhist Monasteries, or the immaculate scenic beauty, You should just visit Sikkim for your honeymoon. Places like Darjeeling and Gangtok are very close by. You can enjoy the chilled weather and view of the beautiful mountains from your hotel room window, sipping a cup of the famous Darjeeling tea with your beloved.

These were a few places handpicked exclusively for having the best honeymoon experience. Go ahead and plan your dream honeymoon.