Before leaving for your beach trip, it’s important to know what to pack so that everyone is comfortable in the rental home. If you’re staying in a hotel, then some of the toiletries and linens are provided. Even if you stay in one of the many North Carolina beachfront rentals, many of the items that you will need are in the home. However, you might want to use your own towels, washcloths, and sheets.

Find suitcases and bags that have compartments in them for the smaller things that you pack. This will keep you from taking multiple bags with you that can sometimes get lost or that take up space. If you’re sharing the rental with another family, then consider sharing the responsibilities of who takes the toiletries and who takes the food. Sharing in what each family takes can save money that can then be spent on attractions and mementos to take home.

If you have babies or young children, then make sure you take a playpen, highchair or booster seat for the kitchen table, and bottles for any formula or milk that you give to the child. Take a stuffed animal or two for younger children so that they are comforted in a new location. Don’t forget the diapers and wipes as well. When you’re packing clothes for the family, include proper attire for letting babies and younger children swim safely and comfortably.

Make sure you take all of the foods that you need to cook with in the home. You can wait to shop for perishable items when you get to the home and get unpacked. If anyone has allergies to certain foods, then ensure that the proper items are packed in case you can’t find what you need in the town you’re visiting. Other items to take with you include sunscreen, beach towels, and a few fun activities in case it rains or for when you want something to do with the family.